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Bag Tape

We are happy to share details about our Bag Tape, but always feel free to call us! Universal Tape has been in business for over 50 years & we specialize in customization for all applications. Contact us so we can find your perfect solution! 


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FAX #: 609-653-3184

TOLL FREE #: 888-490-TAPE


Universal Tape offers several options for your flexible packaging needs with a solution for even the most demanding low surface energy applications.  Regardless of your substrate, we have permanent and removable tapes to fit your application in both planetary wound rolls and spooled rolls.  We offer both double coated film tapes as well as single coated, self-wound reinforcing tapes in thickness’ from 1mil up to 5mils.

Permanent and removable bag tapes are essential components in packaging, particularly for sealing and resealing bags. They are used in various industries, such as food packaging, retail, and medical supplies, offering distinct benefits based on their adhesive properties and functionality.

Permanent Bag Tapes:

  1. Purpose and Function:

    • Designed for a secure, non-reversible seal.

    • Ideal for applications requiring tamper-evidence and security.

  2. Characteristics:

    • Strong adhesive bond that cannot be easily removed without damaging the packaging.

    • Often used in shipping, perishable goods, and high-value products where tamper resistance is critical.

  3. Applications:

    • Food packaging: Ensures product safety and freshness.

    • E-commerce and retail: Provides security and integrity during transit.

    • Medical supplies: Maintains sterility and prevents contamination.

Removable Bag Tapes:

  1. Purpose and Function:

    • Designed for easy opening and resealing.

    • Ideal for applications requiring multiple access points to the product.

  2. Characteristics:

    • Adhesive bond that allows for repeated opening and closing without losing adhesion.

    • Typically used in consumer goods for convenience and extended product use.

  3. Applications:

    • Food packaging: Allows consumers to reseal bags to maintain freshness.

    • Clothing and textiles: Provides easy access while keeping contents secure.

    • Office supplies: Used for resealable envelopes and bags.

Key Differences:

  1. Adhesion Strength:

    • Permanent tapes have a high-strength adhesive for a secure, long-term seal.

    • Removable tapes have a moderate-strength adhesive designed for repeated use.

  2. Usage Context:

    • Permanent tapes are used when security and tamper evidence are paramount.

    • Removable tapes are used when convenience and reusability are desired.

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