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About Us!

      Universal Tape Company has been a leader in the custom pressure-sensitive tape industry for over 50 years. Our production and sales teams are devoted to providing reliable and consistent products. We believe that listening is our key to solving your tape application concerns.

       As a leader in the industry, Universal Tape uses state-of-the-art coating equipment, excellent order-to-ship dates, and expertise in every department of the company.


      Universal Tape offers quality assurance, an in-house laboratory, technical assistance,
and outstanding customer service. Quality is a priority and our customers can be assured of excellent product performance. 
We are committed to the development of specialty pressure-sensitive tape products and we closely monitor all attributes of our products, which are all ISO 9002 compliant.


Our teams take pride in working together, testing, and inspecting to ensure the items we manufacture meet our customers’ specifications. And because we care, we are able to produce quality products to address unique applications when others fall short.

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